Who’s Thursday?

209253966_07f5dc46be_mFourth of four, I hail from under a London flightpath but moved to the west country in my late 20’s vowing I would never leave.  Fate, Flickr and a grey-haired man intervened and six years ago I moved to the Shire to live with Joe Brown. Two years ago we got hitched then packed up the Little House by the Big Wood and drove for seven hours including going under the sea and arrived in the Small Country. Church bells sound different here and the number of languages spoken is bewildering.

I eat healthily but drink too much red wine and covet roll-ups. I love beautiful clothes and have a weakness for striped tops, cashmere, silk scarves and vintage bead necklaces.  I’ve worked where helicopters and Harrier jets took off outside my office window, biz-tripped it round Europe and beyond and I’m a qualified gardener.

I’ve read more self-help books than you’ll ever read (I had to, it was my job), I can draw a cross-section of true secondary thickening in dicotyledonous stems, I eat a pitiful amount of chocolate but a ton of cheese, take pictures often and am trying to find my way round continental living and what I do with it.

I’m truly shocked that I’m in my mid-forties late-forties nearly fifty a bit more than that but laugh often with my man who completes my picture.  I’ll take it from here.

thursday @ thursdays-child . com

September 2015